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    Here at Abdul’s we are supporting the trend for a more health conscious 2014 with the return of our Healthy Options Menu; a selection of four carefully prepared dishes that are endorsed by Heart Research UK.                       

    The menu, developed alongside Heart Research UK – the leading charity supporting pioneering research into heart disease, was created by Abdul himself in a bid to change perceptions of fast food as an unhealthy option for family mealtimes.

    There’s no risk that just because these dishes are healthier it has to mean they lack in flavour, we can guarantee the dishes will maintain the quality and great taste that has come to be expected from all of our meals.

    People tend to try and stick to healthier options in the New Year, so instead of being wary of takeaway foods, we wanted to bring back the healthy options menu and encourage customers to enjoy a night out without the guilt.

    We launched the menu last year and expect that as people become more health conscious after the Christmas binge they will be requesting these dishes as healthier alternatives.

    Recent research suggests Indian food has added health benefits, with ingredients such as mango possessing high levels of vitamins and garlic being considered a pain reliever, there’s no excuse as to why anyone wanting to eat more healthily can’t do so whilst enjoying an Abdul’s this New Year.

    The Abdul’s Team


    This year we are pleased to say we have seen a notable increase in early evening orders; a trend that we believe is thanks to shows such as The XFactor and Strictly Come Dancing.

    Due to the ever increasing popularity of reality TV shows, along with more people preferring to stay at home during the run up to Christmas, we have seen an average rise of around 50% in early evening orders.

    We noticed a significant increase in the number of customers who were choosing to place early orders. When we asked them why, many explained that it’s so they can be home and settled in time to watch the XFactor and other similar shows.

    People have being queuing from around 4.45pm before we open just so they can get their meals and get home. It’s been great for business and it’s good to see more families spending time together over the weekends.

    Although both XFactor and Strictly Come Dancing will end over the coming weeks, we believe that the trend for eating in, as opposed to dining out, will continue during the New Year with a selection of new shows coming out for families to enjoy.

    There’s nothing like an evening in front of the TV with your favourite delicious dish from Abdul’s.

    The Abdul’s Team


    We are pleased to announce to all of our customers that thanks to your loyal support Abdul’s has been nominated for two Oliver Award’s; Best Chef and Best Indian categories.

    The awards acknowledge and pay recognition to some of the best eateries throughout the West Yorkshire region. As well as the diner being nominated for Best Indian, I myself have been nominated within the Best Chef category; an award that looks at the skill, imagination and creativity used by those serving a range of foods to consumers throughout the area.

    Using fresh ingredients and ensure each dish is of the finest quality, I first found that I had a passion for food when cooking authentic Indian foods with my late mother. From this moment on I built on the skills that I had been taught when cooking at home and took a course to train as a chef before launching the first Abdul’s takeaway and diner in Wakefield more than 15 years ago.

    Slightly overwhelmed with these great nominations the team and I are really pleased that we have been nominated; it’s great to be recognised for the hard work and effort that we put in to serving delicious dishes for our diners. We are all really excited and we can’t wait to see if we make it to the finals.

    Abdul Ghafoor

    Owner and Head Chef